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Drilling underway for geothermal energy in Glasgow

The first UK Geoenergy Observatories borehole is underway in Glasgow. The Glasgow Geothermal Research Field Site will help to deliver the scientific data we need to understand the state of our underground environment and how it can help to meet urgent climate change, energy equality and energy security challenges.

Exploring the potential for geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is a 'hot' topic as drilling started to explore its potential in Cornwall last month. Find out more about this project and read the BGS science briefing paper on geothermal heat, and our latest GeoBlogy on how the UK (and other countries) are rising to the challenge of renewable energy generation

BGS representing CO2GeoNet Association at COP24

The BGS will represent CO2GeoNet, the European network of research excellence on the geological storage of CO2 at the 24th Annual Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, COP24. More information

InSight has landed

NASA Insight landed safely on Mars on 26 November. Soon, the lander's seismometer will record #MarsQuakes. Working with the National Space Academy, we've produced a set of free education materials to support the mission.
More about MarsQuake classroom resources

Science strategy consultation

The BGS is delighted to share with you a draft of our new, refreshed science strategy, Gateway to the Earth 2018–2023. The BGS values your views greatly, so we are putting the new draft strategy out for consultation.

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