James Geikie LL.D., D.C.L.(Dunelm), F.R.S.(L.X.E.), F.G.S.


1839 Born August 23rd in Edinburgh. Educated at Edinburgh High School and University.
1861 Entered Geological Survey.
1866 Paper to Royal Society Edinburgh “On the buried forests and peat-mosses of Scotland and the changes of climate which they indicate”.
Survey work chiefly in the Lowlands and bordering tracts of Southern Uplands and Highlands – including mapping of Silurian, Old Red Sandstone, Carboniferous and associated igneous rocks.
Holidays devoted to study of glacial phenomena.
1867 Promoted to Geologist.
1869 District Surveyor. Engaged in resurveying of ground for mapping of drift and peat deposits (hitherto omitted from survey maps).
1871 – 1872 Series of papers to Geological Magazine “On changes of climate during the Glacial Epoch”.
1874 “The Great Ice Age” published.
1882 Resigned from Survey.
Appointed to Chair of Geology at Edinburgh University in succession to A. Geikie. Prepared new text book “Outlines of Geology” (1884).
Set himself to reform teaching geography in schools – Scottish Geographical Society formed for the purpose in 1884.
1884 “Prehistoric Europe”.
1904 Elected President of Scottish Geographical Society. Resigned after 6 years and was awarded the Gold Medal of the Society. For many years acted as Hon. Editor of the “Scottish Geographical Magazine”.
1898 Text book: “Earth sculpture or the origin of land-forms”.
1891 – 1894 Convenor of Science Degrees Committee at Edinburgh University.
1894 Elected Dean of the Faculty of Science. Twice elected President of a section of British Association (Geography and Geology). Delivered course of lectures at the Lowell Institute in Boston.
1889 Received Brisbane Medal from Royal Society Edinburgh. And Murchison Medal from Geological Society London.
1894 3rd edition of “Great Ice Age” (largely rewritten).
1913 Mountains, their origin, growth and decay”.
1914 “The Antiquity of man in Europe” published form of Munro Lectures in Archaeology delivered at Edinburgh University).
1914 Resigned Professorship, continued President of Royal Society Edinburgh and Hon. Editor of Scottish Geographical Magazine.
1915 Died March 1st.


1913 List of publications: Geological Magazine (1913) pp 245-248.
1869 Memoir: contributed to: "Girvan" (1869).
1869 Memoir: contributed to: "Ayr" (1869).
1869 Memoir: contributed to: "Peebles" (1869).
1872 Memoir: contributed to: "North Ayrshire" (1872).
1873 Memoir: contributed to: "Central Lanark" (1873).
1879 Memoir: contributed to: "Airdrie" etc. (1879).

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