James Simpson Grant Wilson


1855 Born June 2nd. Educated at St. Andrews University. While there carries out series of analyses on minerals under Heddle.
1876 Joined Geological Survey as Assistant Geologist.
First field mapping under Peach and Jack in Eskdale and Liddesdale.
Later mapped large areas of crystalline schists in Banffshire, North East Aberdeenshire, Central Perthshire near Ben Nevis and parts of Knapdale Plateau in Argyll.
While in Perth made series of soundings in Lochs Tay, Earn and Tummel, results published in Scottish Geographic Magazine (1888).
Undertook revision of Fife Coalfield and examination of new mines and bores. (Services acknowledged by Geikie in memoirs on East and Central Fife).
Paper in ?? Geol. Mag. - Tay Valley.
Made analyses of volcanic rocks – some published in “Ancient Volcanoes” and in the North West Highlands memoir.
Made analyses also of Carboniferous limestones from Midland Valley.
1901 Promoted to Geologist.
1908 Died December 29th.


1916 Memoir, in part – "Ben Nevis" (1916)
1902 Memoir, in part – "Lower Strathspey" (1902)
1920 Memoir, in part – "Central Coalfield of Scotland Area VII (1920).
1882 Memoir: "North Aberdeenshire and East Banff" (1882)
1910 Memoir, in part – "Edinburgh" (1910)
1890 Memoir, in part – "Central Aberdeenshire" (1890)
1912 Memoir, in part – "Oil Shales of the Lothians " (1912)
1908 Memoir, in part – "Oban" (1908)
1909 Memoir, in part – "Seaborad of Mid-Argyll" (1909)
1911 Memoir, in part – "Knapdale and Jura" (1911)
1905 Memoir, in part – ; "Blair Atholl" (1905)
1911 Memoir, in part – "Glasgow" (1911)

Biographies and Obituaries

1909 Obituary - J.S. Grant Wilson. Born 2nd June 1855, died 29th December 1908. Geologists Magazine. New Series. v. 6 p.91-92. 1909