Jethro Justinian Harris Teall M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S., F.G.S., LL.D.


1849 Born January 5th at Northleach, Gloucestershire. Educated at private schools and St. John’s College, Cambridge (Tutor T.G. Bonney).
1872 1st class in Natural Science Tripos.
1873 B.A.
1875 Elected to College Fellowship.
1876 M.A.
1874 Gained Sedgwick Prize for essay on “Polton and Wicken Phophatic Deposits”. Took up petrological research and University extension lecturing.
Work on Cheviot andesites, North of England dykes and Whin Sill, also dolerite into Hbd. Schist, Lizard gabbros and origin of certain banded gneisses.
1888 “British Petrography” published.
Joined Survey as Petrographer, worked on Highland rocks and Jurassic sedimentaries.
Principal contribution to memoirs in “North-west Highlands” and “Silurian rocks of Scotland”.
Record of results also in Annual Report and Summary of Progress (1892).
1889 Bigsby Medal.
1890 Elected F.R.S.
1893 – 1897 Secretary of Geological Society.
1900 – 1902 President of Geological Society.
1901 Became Director of the Geological Survey (which included the Irish Survey until 1905).
1905 Wollaston Medal.
1907 Delesse Prize of Academy of Sciences in Paris.
1914 Retired.
1916 Knighted.
1924 Died July 2nd.


1909 List of publications: Geological Magazine (1909) pp. 5-8
Petrological notes contributed to following Memoirs: "Silurian rocks" vol.1 (1899); "NW Highlands" (1907); "Cowal" (1897); "Mid-Argyll" (1905); "Oban" (1908); "Islay" (1907); "Glenelg" (1910); "West Aberdeenshire" (1896); "Fannich Mountains" (1913); "Kirkcudbright" (1896); "Exeter" (1902); "Mevagissey" (1907).

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