John Bastian Hill R.N., F.G.S.


1861 Born December 28th, son of George Hill of Tregassick, Cornwall, kinsman of J.H.C. Bastian the advocate of abiogenesis. 6 years service in the Navy. Retired to study geology at University College London and Royal School of Mines.
1884 Entered Geological Survey as Assistant Geologist.
First fieldwork in Argyllshire.
Contributed to Memoirs: “Seaboard of Argyll” (1909), “Mid-Argyll” (1905), “Knapdale” (1911), “Cowal” (1897), “Oban” (1908).
Paper in Quarterly Journal “Progressive Metamorphism in region of Loch Awe”.
1897 Transferred to Cornwall. Lived at Falmouth and worked on the Killas of North Meneage and parts of west of Falmouth. Recognised 4 lithological units of the Killas which he termed Portcatho, Mylor, Veryan and Falmouth divisions. Given charge of official enquiry into mines and lodes of West Cornwall. Memoirs: “Camborne and Falmouth” (with MacAlister, 1906); “Lizard (1912).
1901 Promoted to Geologist. Transferred to the Midlands and surveyed small area around Ollerton and Lichfield. Contributed to “Lichfield” Memoir (1919), “Ollerton” (1911) and “Derbyshire Coalfield” (1913).
1911 Resigned from Survey. Appointed Geological Advisor to Local Government Board (1911 – 22), chief work on underground water supply.
1913 Awarded Bolitho Gold Medal from Royal Geological Society of Cornwall.
1927 Died December 18th.

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