John Hopwood Blake Assoc. M Inst. C.E., F.G.S.


1843 Born July 22nd in London.
Educated at King’s College.
1843 Apprenticed to engineer, engaged for several years on railway work in Cornwall and S. Wales.
1868 Joined Survey. Became engaged in re-survey of portions of Somerset, later in first detailed Drift Survey of area N.W. of London.
Transferred to Suffolk and Norfolk. Made careful study of Forest Bed Series.
1884 1” Geol. Survey of England completed. Blake went to Reading and began 6” re-survey and mapping of Drifts.
1901 Died March 5th.


1888 Memoir: "East Dereham" (1888)
1890 Memoir: "Yarmouth and Lowestoft" (1890)
Memoir: "Water Supply of Berkshire" (with Whitaker)
1903 Memoir: "Reading" (unfinished) (1903)
1886 Memoir: "Bury St Edmunds" (1886) with F.J. Bennett
1876 Contributed notes to: "E. Somerset" (1876)
1881 Contributed notes to: "Stowmarket" (1881)
1881 Contributed notes to: "Norwich" (1881)
1889 Contributed notes to: "London" (1889)

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