John Horne


1848 Born January 1st at Campsie in Stirlingshire. Educated at Glasgow High School and University (studied under Lord Kelvin).
1867 Assistant Geologist, Geological Survey, Scotland (on establishment of Survey). First field work under Peach. (Silurian of Dumfries and Kirkcudbright).
1873 Spent leave examining Old Red Sandstone and glacial deposits of the Isle of Man.
1874 Results in paper to Transactions Edinburgh Geological Society. With R.L. Jack studied glacial phenomena of Theiss and Pruth valleys.
1877 Results in paper “Glacial Drift in North-east Carpathians”, Quarterly Journal. 1876, 1880 and 1881
Tours with Peach in Shetland, Orkney and Caithness, papers (with Peach) “Glaciation of Shetland Islands (Quarterly Journal 1879); “Glaciation of Orkney Islands (Quarterly Journal 1880); “Glaciation of Caithness” (Proceedings Royal Physical Society Edinburgh 1881); “Old Red Sandstone of Orkney” (Proceedings Royal Physical Society Edinburgh 1880). Borolonite with Teall ?date).
Transferred from Dumfries to Nairn and Inverness (till 1883). Mapped area of metamorphic rocks and Old Red Sandstone in basin of Moray Firth.
1883 Sent to Durness with Peach. Followed work of Lapworth independently and arrived at same conclusions on geological history and structure of the North-west Highlands. (A. Geikie recanted previous conclusions and controversy ended). (Gunn, Clough, Cadell, Greenly and Hinxman also worked with Peach and Horne).
1888 Wollaston Fund from Geological Society.
“Report on recent work of the Geological Survey in North West Highlands”. (QJ?)
1891 Discovery of Olenellus fauna.
1892 Paper in Quarterly Journal (Peach and Horne) “Olenellus Zone in North West Highlands”.
Murchison Centenary Fund (with Peach).
1892 – 1893 Neill Prize of Royal Society of Edinburgh.
1896 Paper with E. Greenly on Foliated Granites of Strath Holladale in East Sutherland. (Quarterly Journal).
With Peach and Macconochie carried out revision of areas in Southern Uplands (following researches of Lapworth).
1899 Murchison Medal (with Peach,1899).
Memoir: “Silurian rocks of Scotland”.
1901 Appointed Assistant Director in Edinburgh.
1903 Contributed monograph (with Peach) on the Canonbie Coalfield to Transactions Royal Society Edinburgh.
1907 “North-west Highlands” memoir published.
1910 “Scottish Lakes in relation to geological features of the country”, joint contribution with Peach to Murray and Pullar’s “Bathymetrical Survey of Scottish Freshwater Lochs”.
Edited Edinburgh and Glasgow Memoirs. Also contributed to Memoirs on “Glenelg” (1910); “Central Ross” (1913); “Fannich Mountains” (1913); “Beauly, Inverness” (1914); “Caithness” (1914); “Mid-Strathspey” (1915); Lower Findhorn” (1923).
With Peach wrote Handbook to Geological Model of Assynt”.
1900 Elected F.R.S.
1901 President of Geological Section of British Association in Glasgow. “Recent advances in Scottish Geology”
1911 Retired from Survey. LL.D. (St. Andrews). President Glasgow Geological Society (1911-14).
1912 Peach conducted British Association excursion to North-west Highlands.
1915 – 1919 President Royal Society Edinburgh.
1917 Results of investigations with Peach on bone-caves of Allt nan Uamh, near Inchnadamff, communicated to Royal Society Edinburgh.
1920 – 1921 LL.D. (Edinburgh). Wollaston Medal (with Peach). Engaged with Peach in preparation of volume on Geology of Scotland. Unpublished at his death (Peach died 1926).
1928 Died May 30th.


1907 Memoir: North-west Highlands (1907)
1896 Memoir: Kirkcudbright (1896)
1914 Memoir: Guide to Assynt Model (1914)
1899 Memoir: Silurian rocks of Scotland (1899)
1923 Memoir: Lower Findhorn (1923)
1910 Memoir: Glenelg (1910)
1877 Memoir: North-east Kirkcudbright (1877).
1914 Memoir: Beauly, Inverness (1914)
1871 Memoir: North-west Dumfries (1871)
1913 Memoir: Central Ross (1913)
1913 Memoir: Fannich Mountains (1913)
1914 Contribution to: Caithness (1914)
1910 Contribution to: Edinburgh (1910)
1910 Contribution to: East Lothian (1910)
1915 Contribution to: Mid-Strathspey (1915).

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