Allan B. Dick


1833 Born May 31st at Edinburgh; son of John Dick, head of an old Edinburgh family and a Bailie of the City. Educated at Edinburgh High School (fellow pupil of the Geikies). On leaving school, became apprenticed to Dr. George Wilson, Regius Professor of Technology at Edinburgh University.
1851 Left Edinburgh to become assistant to Dr. Percy at newly formed School of Mines. Chief work on chemistry of metals, especially iron and lead. Results incorporated in Percy’s Memoirs. Also published papers on the Cleveland Iron Ore, The metallurgy of copper, and alloys of Bismuth (mainly in the Philosophical Magazine).
1855 Michael Faraday exhibited at the Royal Institution a large sample of metallic aluminium prepared by Dick for the first time from cryolite.
1856 Left School of Mines for appointment as chemist to Messrs. Walker, Parker and Co. lead and zinc smelters and refiners of Bagillt, North Wales. Later commissioned to investigate lead and iron ores of Spain.
1872 Married.
1875 Returned to London. Renewed associations with Jermyn Street Museum. Devised improved microscope (account published 1888).
1887 Published in “Nature”, “Zircon and other minerals contained in sand”.
1888 Teall figured some of Dick’s preparations in “British Petrography”.
1889 Further paper on heavy minerals in sands and clays. First to detect and describe crystalline kaolinite.
1894 Described “Geikielite” a new titanite of iron from Ceylon.
1924 Elected Honorary Fellow of Edinburgh Geological Society.
1925 Contributed paper on the foraminifera Bathysyphon.
1926 Died June 12th at Hampstead.

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