John William Salter A.L.S., F.G.S.


1820 Born December 15th. Educated at private boarding-school.
1835 Apprenticed as natural history draughtsman to James de Carle Sowerby. Assisted with plates for “Mineral Conchology”.
1836 – 1837 1st paper “On the habits of Insects”.
1842 – 1846 Worked for Sedgwick at the Woodwardian Museum.
1846 Appointed to post on Geological Survey under E. Forbes.
1854 Became Palaeontologist to the Survey.
Distinguished for knowledge of Palaeozoic Invertebrata and especially for researches on Trilobites.
>30 papers in Journal Geological Society, also Geological Magazine,
Contributions to Survey Memoirs and a Monograph on Trilobites.
1863 Resigned from Survey.
1865 Received Wollaston Fund.
1869 Died.


1849 Memoirs: No. 2 Trilobites (1849) with E. Forbes.
1856 Memoirs: No. 5 Echinodermata (1856) with Forbes and S.P. Woodward.
1853 Memoirs: No. 7 Trilobites (1853).
1864 Memoirs: No. 11 Trilobites (1864) with C.W. Thomson.
1859 Monographs: No.1 On the genus Pterygotus (18590 with T.H. Huxley.
1873 Lists of fossils in: "Edinburgh" (1861); "Peebles" (1869); "East Berwick" (1873).

Biographies and Obituaries

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