Joseph Lucas


1846 Born December 24th. Educated at Westminster School.
1867 Joined Geological Survey.
Mapping Carboniferous in West Riding of Yorkshire (later north-east Yorkshire). Took up study of water supply.
1873 Began series of observations on subterranean water systems, introduced term “hydrogeology”. First to publish hydrogeological map with artesian contours.
1874 1st paper (published privately) “Horizontal wells”.
1876 Retired. Elected F.G.S.
1877 Paper “Artesian system of the Thames Valley” (J. Soc. Arts) containing hydrogeological map of area south of Thames.
1878 Complete map. North and south of Thames – published privately and re-published by Geological Survey with two other similar maps in “Records of London Wells” (Barrow and Wills) (1913) p. 19.
1880 Published Resume of late work on water supply from Lower Greensand of Hants. and Surrey.
More than 30 papers to different societies. Elected F.G.S., F. Meteorological. Society, M.I.C.E. (Telford Medal) (Silver medal, Soc. of Arts.)
1926 Died April 20th.


1912 [Summary of most important publications and conclusions given by W. Whitaker in Memoir "Water Supply of Surrey" (1912) pp.14-17 and bibliography pp. 328-330].

Biographies and Obituaries

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Newspaper cutting. [Held with manuscript.]