Richard Hill Tiddeman M.A., F.G.S.


1842 Born February 11th.
1864 Appointed Assistant Geologist in Geological Survey.
Worked for 20 years on Carboniferous rocks of Yorkshire, Cumberland and Lancashire. Later in North Wales.
Contributed to many Survey memoirs and maps.
1870 Promoted to Geologist.
1902 Retired from Survey.
1911 Murchison Medal.
1914 Elected President of Yorkshire Geological Society.
1917 Died February 20th.


Papers: "Evidence for ice-sheet in North Lancashire.." (1872)(Q.J. XXVIII p. 471)
Older deposits in Victoria Cave, Settle, Yorks." (1873) (G.M. p. 11)
1894 Carboniferous Trilobites…." (1894) (Henry Woodward. Notes by Tiddeman – G.M. p. 481)
Age of raised beach of South Britain as seen in Gower" (1900) (G.M. p. 441)
On the formation of reef-knolls" (1901) (G.M. p. 20)
1875 Memoir: "Burnley Coalfield (1875) with Hull, Dakyns, C. Ward etc.
1897 Memoir: "Appleby, Ullswater etc." (1897) with Dakyns and Goodchild
1888 Memoir: "Ingleborough" (1888) with Dakyns, Gunn, Strahan etc.
1903 Memoir: "South Wales Coalfield Part IV Pontypridd" (1903) with Strahan and Gibson
1910 Memoir: "South Wales Coalfield Part VIII Swansea" (1914); "Water-supply of Oxfordshire" (1910)
1885 Memoir: "Rhyl, Abergele and Colwyn" (1885)
1891 Memoir: "Mallerstang" (1891) with Dakyns, Russell, Clough, Strahan, etc.
1888 Memoir: "Kendal, Sedburgh etc." (1888)
1872 Memoir: "Kirkby Lonsdale" (1872) with Aveline and McK. Hughes

Biographies and Obituaries

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