Robert Etheridge


1819 Born December 3rd at Ross, Herefordshire. Educated at private school in Ross. Became tutor at a school in Bristol, then entered business. Met W. Sanders, geologist, and S. Stutchbury, Curator of Museum of Natural History at Bristol.
1850 – 1857 Succeeded Stutchbury as Curator. Also became lecturer on Botany in Bristol Medical School.
1854 F.G.S.
1855 F.R.S.E.
1857 Appointed Assistant Naturalist under Huxley at Jermyn Street to catalogue and describe Mesozoic and Cainozoic fossils.
Report on Thames mud and water printed.
1863 Succeeded J.W. Salter as Palaeontologist.
1865 “Catalogue of Fossils in Museum of Practical Geology”.
1867 Paper to Geological Society on “Physical structure of N. Devon and palaeontological value of Devonian fossils”. (defence of unity of Devonian system).
1868 Report on Somerset Coalfield to “Royal Commission on Coal”.
1871 F.R.S.
1880 Murchison Medal.
1881 – 1882 President of Geological Society. Addresses on analysis and distribution of British Palaeozoic and Jurassic fossils.
Resigned from Geological Survey.
Appointed Assistant Keeper in British Museum Geology Department.
1885 “Stratigraphical geology and palaeontology” published.
1888 “Fossils of the British Islands, stratigraphically and zoologically arranged” (1st volume on Palaeozoics published).
1891 Retired. Consulting Geologist to Dover Coal Boring.
1896 Bolitho Medal from Royal Geological Society of Cornwall
1897 Paper on “The Kent Coalfield” to engineering conferences.
1903 Died.


1904 List of works and Memoirs: Geological Magazine (1904) pp 46-48.

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