Robert Etheridge Junior


1846 Born May 23rd, son of Robert Etheridge, Geologist.
1846 Took up geological work in Australia in first Geological Survey of Victoria under A.R.C. Selwyn. Survey disbanded and Etheridge returned home.
1871 Appointed Palaeontologist to Geological Survey of Scotland (his father being Palaeontologist to English Survey).
1878 Resigned. Appointed Assistant Naturalist, British Museum, on removal of collections to South Kensington.
Prepared catalogue of Blastoidea with help of P.H. Carpenter.
Compiled bibliography of Australian Geology.
Studied fossils sent from Queensland by R. Logan Jack.
1887 Returned to Australia as Palaeontologist to Geological Survey of New South Wales and to Australian Museum, Sydney. Worked there for last 33 years of his life.
1892 Produced joint work with Jack on “The Geology and Palaeontology of Queensland and New Guinea”.
1895 Became Director of Australian Museum.
Initiated “Records of the Geological Survey”; founded new Library; published important memoirs on fossils of older rocks; founded “Records of the Australian Museum”; introduced popular science lectures and demonstrations.
1895 Received Clarke Memorial Medal from Royal Society of New South Wales
1911 Received Muller Memorial Medal from the Australian Association for the Advancement of Science.
1920 Died January 4th at Colo Vale, near Sydney.


1872 Fossil lists in Memoir: North Ayrshire (1872).
1873 Fossil lists in Memoir: Central Lanark (1873).
1879 Fossil lists in Memoir: Airdrie etc. (1879).
1877 Fossil lists in Memoir: Dumfries (1877).

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