Roderick Impey Murchison Bart., K.C.B., LL.D., D.C.L., M.A., F.R.S., F.G.S. etc.


1792 Born February 19th at Tarradale, Easter Ross. Moved to Dorset. Educated at Durham Grammar School. Sent to Military School of Great Marlow.
1807 At 15 obtained commission and sailed for the Peninsula under Wellesley. Went through campaign under Sir John Moore.
1815 Left the Army and married. Took up geology. First paper “Geological sketch of north-west extremity of Sussex…..” (1825). Explored Highlands with Sedgwick.
1826 Elected F.R.S.
1827 Revisited Highlands with Sedgwick. Studied volcanoes of Auvergne with Lyell. Studied “transition” rocks in Welsh Borderland. Founded “Silurian System”.
1830 General Secretary, British Association.
1831 Work on Silurian made public at British Association. Investigations in Devon and Cornwall with Sedgwick.
1831 – 1832 President of Geological Society (also 1842-3).
1835 – 1839 Two journeys to Rhenish provinces with Sedgwick (also 1839), results published 1839 with classification.
1840 Visited Russia with De Verneuil and again in 1841 to superintend survey at Emperor’s request.
1841 Proposed adoption of “Permian System”.
1842 Travelled in Germany, Poland and Carpathians.
1844 Explored Palaeozoic rocks of Sweden and Norway. Elected President of Royal Geographical Society (again in 1845, 1852, 1856,etc).
1845 – 1846 Completed joint work on “Geology of Russia and Ural Mountains”. Knighted.
1846 President British Association.
1849 Copley Medal from Royal Society in recognition of having established the Silurian System.
1854 Published 1st edition “Siluria”.
1855 Produced with Morris a memoir of German Palaeozoics.
Succeeded De la Beche as Director-General of Geological Survey.
Inferred presence of auriforms deposits in Australian mountain ranges by analogy with Urals.
1859 Brisbane Gold Medal (1st) from Royal Society of Scotland [Edinburgh?] for classification of Highland rocks.
1863 Made K.C.B.
1864 Wollaston Medal.
1866 Bart.
Founded Chair of Geology and Mineralogy at Edinburgh.
1871 Died October 22nd.
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