Joseph Dalton Hooker Sir, O.M., G.C.S.I., M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., F.G.S. etc


1817 Born June 30th at Hallsworth in Suffolk. Son of Sir William Jackson Hooker. His mother was daughter of Dawson Turner, F.R.S., botanist and antiquary. Sir William Hooker became Professor of Botany at Glasgow University and subsequently Director of the Royal Gardens at Kew.
1817 J.D. Hooker was educated at Glasgow High School and University.
1839 M.D.
1839 Appointed assistant surgeon and naturalist on board H.M.S. “Erebus” in expedition conducted by Sir James Clark Ross to the Antarctic Regions 1839-43. Botanical observations published in 6 volumes (1844-60) – dealt also with New Zealand and Tasmanian flora.
1846 Appointed Botanist to Geological Survey, under De la Beche. Published essay “On vegetation of the Carboniferous period, as compared with that of the present day”. Papers in M.G.S.. vol. II part ii 1848, on structure of Stigmaria and of some Lepidostrobi.
Elected F.G.S. (Member of Council 1852-6 and 1860-2, contributed papers to Geological Society on fossil plants).
1847 Resigned from Geological Survey for botanical study in India (1847-51). Results published in “Himalayan Journals” (2 volumes, 1854).
Elected F.R.S. President Royal Society and ex officio and Trustee of the British Museum 1873-78. Medals: Royal Medal (1854); Copley Medal (1887); Darwin Medal (1892).
1855 Appointed Assistant Director of Kew Gardens.
1859 Memoir published “On the flora of Australia, its origin, affinities and distribution, being an introductory essay to the Flora of Tasmania”.
1860 Expedition to Syria and Palestine – botanical work and observatories on glacier moraines).
1865 Appointed Director of Kew Gardens (on death of his father).
1868 President of British Association at Norwich.
1871 Explored parts of Morocco and the Great Atlas with John Ball F.R.S. and George Maw.
1877 Visited the Rocky Mountains and California.
1885 Resigned Directorship of Kew Gardens.
“Index Kewensis” prepared under his direction by Dr. B. Daydon Jackson.
Edited “Journal of Sir Joseph Banks” (left during Captain Cook’s first voyage).
1911 Died December 10th at Sunningdale, Berkshire.

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