Thomas Henry Huxley P.C., D.C.L.(Oxon), LL.D.(Cantab. Edin. and Dublin), M.D.(Wurzb), Ph.D.(Breslau), F.R.C.S., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.G.S., F.Z.S. etc.


1825 Born May 4th at Ealing. Sent to school of Dr. Nicholson at Ealing, where his father was second master. Apprenticed to brother-in-law, Dr. Salt, at London practice when only 13 or 14.
1842 Entered Charing Cross Hospital with scholarship.
1845 1st class M.D., Hon. in physiology.
1846 Appointed Assistant Surgeon to H.M.S. “Victory”, then H.M.S. “Rattlesnake” commissioned to survey passage within Great Barrier Reef, 1847-50. Initiation of scientific career (results published in Transactions Royal Society and Linnaean Society).
1850 Returned to England.
1851 Elected F.R.S.
1852 Received Royal Medal of Royal Society.
1854 Appointed Professor of Natural History, incuding palaeontology, in Royal School of Mines, and Curator of Fossils in Jermyn Street Museum, (Also appointed Fullerian Professor of Physiology and Comparative Anatomy to London University). Commenced coast survey at Tenby.
1856 Accompanied Tyndall in first visit to the Alps; produced joint paper on “Glacial Phenomena” (Phil. Trans.1857).
1858 Appointed Croonian Lecturer to Royal Society. Subject “The Theory of the vertebrate skull”.
1859 Monograph on “Ocean Hydrozoa”, published by Royal Society.
1860 Course of lectures to working-men, Jermyn Street, subject: “The relation of man to the lower animals”.
1862 Secretary to Geological Society, President of section D, British Association.
1863 “Evidence of man’s place in nature” published – excited great popular interest.
1863 Hunterian Professor of Comparative Anatomy in Royal College of Surgeons (held till 1870).
1869 – 1870 President Ethnological Society.
1870 President of British Association.
1871 – 1880 Secretary of Royal Society.
– 1872 Elected member of the London School Board, retired 1872.
1872 Elected Lord Rector of Aberdeen University for 3 years, installed 1874.
1875 – 1876 Lectured at Edinburgh University in absence of Wyville Thompson.
1876 Visited America and lectured there. Received Wollaston Medal.
1881 – 1885 Inspector of Salmon Fisheries.
1883 Appointed Rede Lecturer at Cambridge.
1883 – 1885 President of Royal Society.
1887 Trustee B.M. (Elected 1887).
1888 Copley Medal from Royal Society.
1892 Member Privy Council.
1894 Darwin Medal from Royal Society.
1895 Died June 29th.
Dean and Honourable Professor of Biology in Royal College Science; South Kensington.
For honours conferred and list of published works: Geological Magazine (1895) p. 340, also Appendix III and IV. Life and Letters of T.H. Huxley.
Government and Royal Commissions – Science; Fisheries; Contagious Diseases; Vivisection; Scottish Universities; etc.
Fellow Governor of Eton College.
Member of Senate, University of London.


1861 Memoirs: Figures and descriptions illustrative of British organic remains: Dec No.10 Fishes….. (1861)
1866 Memoirs: Figures and descriptions illustrative of British organic remains: Dec No.12 Fishes….. (1866)
1872 Memoirs: Figures and descriptions illustrative of British organic remains: Dec No. 13 Fishes….. (1872)
1859 Monographs: No. I. On the genus Pterygolus (1859) with J.W. Salter.
1864 Monographs: No.II. On the structure of the Belemnitidae (1864).
1877 Monographs: No.III The crocodilian remains found in the Elgin Sandstones… (1877).

Biographies and Obituaries

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[Also typescript letter attached to ms.]