Thomas Owen Bosworth M.A., D.Sc., F.G.S.


1882 Born March 28th at Spratton, Northants.
1902 Entered St. John’s College, Cambridge.
1st Class in Nat. Sci. Tripos. Awarded Harkness Scholarship.
1904 – 1911 Devoted spare time to study of Keuper Marls of Leicestershire.
1912 Results published: “The Keuper Marls around Charnwood.”
1908 Joined Geol. Survey of Scotland.
Mapped part of Mull under C.T. Clough (Leaf-beds at Ardtun). Contributed to Memoir “Tertiary Mull” (1924).
1909 Resigned from Survey.
Worked abroad as oil geologist - in Galicia, Italy, Trindad, Barbados, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Texas, U.S. and Canada to within the Arctic Circle.
1921 Wollaston Fund.
1929 Died January 18th in London.

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