Thomas Roxburgh Polwhele J.P., D.L., M.A., F.G.S.


1831 Born.
Graduated at Cambridge.
1858 Joined Geological Survey under Murchison.
Engaged in mapping parts of Oxford and Bucks.; drew boundary lines (proved substantially correct) for clayey equivalents of Corallian rocks between Wheatley and Quaiton.
Also surveyed areas of the Bagshot Series and other formations on borders of Hants. And Surrey. Notes published in Memoirs by Whitaker and A.H. Green. Succeeded to estate at Polwhele, near Truro.
1863 Retired.
1896 – 1897 President of the Geological Society, Cornwall. Addresses: “The relation of other sciences to geology” and “The physical geology of the Earth”.
1909 Died September 2nd in Cornwall.

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