William Hellier Baily F.L.S., F.G.S., M.R.I.A.


1819 Born July 7th at Bristol.
1837 – 1844 Assistant Curator at Bristol Museum.
1844 Joined Geological Survey as draughtsman.
1845 Appointed Assistant Geologist. Duties confined to museum work.
1854 Appointed Assistant Naturalist under Edward Forbes, later under Huxley.
1857 Transferred to Irish Survey, as Acting Palaeontologist. (Post retained till 1888.)
1867 Wollaston Fund from Geol. Soc.
1868 Additional appointment - Demonstrator in Palaeontology to Royal College of Science for Ireland.
1888 Died Aug 6th near Dublin.


1867 –1875 Chief work - description and drawing of fossils, palaeontological. Notes in Irish Memoirs, papers on palaeontological and kindred subjects, 1867-75 "Figures of Characteristic British Fossils".

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