William Henry Penning


1838 Born March 9th. Trained as an engineer under C.H. Gregory.
1867 Joined Geological Survey.
1867 Surveyed parts of Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridge and Lincolnshire. Joint author with Whitaker and others of Memoirs: “North-west part of Essex” (1878); with Jukes-Browne of “Neighbourhood of Cambridge” (1881); also contributed to “Country around Lincoln” (1888).
1882 Retired from Survey on account of ill-health.
1882 Went to South Africa.
1882 Papers to the Geological Society on high-level coalfields of South Africa, on goldfields of Lydenburg and De Kaap, and on the geology of South Transvaal.
1902 Died April 20th.


1876 Textbook of Field Geology" (1876)
1880 Engineering Geology" (1880)
Paper to Geological Society of physical geology of East Anglia during Glacial Period.

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