William Whitehead Watts LL.D., D.Sc., M.Sc., F.R.S.


1860 Born at Broseley in Shropshire.
School at Denstone. Scholarship to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.
1881 1st class in Geology in Natural Science Tripos.
1881 – 1891 University extension lecturing and various deputy-professorships.
1891 Appointed to Irish Geological Survey. Given charge of Survey Collections in National Museum in Dublin.
Transferred to English Survey, acted as Petrographer till 1897.
1897 Resigned from Survey. Appointed to new assistant professorship at Mason College with Lapworth.
1904 Made Member of Senate and Professor of Geography in the newly constituted University of Birmingham.
1904 Elected to F.R.S.
1906 Succeeded Judd at Royal College of Science.
1906 Continued as Professor on reconstitution with Royal School of Mines and Central Technical College as Imperial College of Science and Technology.
1906 Worked on a succession of rocks in Shropshire, partly with Lapworth (paper in Q.J.).
1906 Survey work: (in addition to routine petrographical work)
1906 Examination of rocks collected by Jukes and others in Ireland and deposited in Survey Museum in Dublin.
1906 Description of Isle of Man rocks (in association with Lamplugh’s work on crush-conglomerates).
1906 Mapping and description of Charnwood Forest rocks.
1906 Handbook to Inst. rock collections


Contributed petrological notes to following Memoirs:
1895 Memoir: "Northumberland – Wooler and Coldstream" (1895)
1903 Memoir: "Isle of Man" (1903).
Memoir: "South Wales Coalfield II
Memoir: "Abergavenny"
1897 Memoir: "Appleby" (1897)
1900 Memoir: "Atherstone and Charnwood Forest" (1900)

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