Aubrey Strahan M.A., K.B.E., D.Sc., F.R.S.


1852 Born April 20th in Sidmouth, South Devon.
Educated at Eton and St. Johns College, Cambridge.
1874 – 1875 Graduated in Natural Science Tripos.
1875 Appointed Assistant Geologist on Geological Survey under Ramsay,
Field work in South Lancashire then Cheshire, Lower Carboniferous of Flintshire, Silurian of Clwydian range, Trias of Vale of Clwyd.
1883 Transferred to Lincolnshire to assist in completing last of Ordnance Survey 1inch maps.
1884 – 1885 Sent to Kendal and Sedburgh.
1886 Revised mapping of Coal Measures, Cambrian and Pre-cambrian near Nuneaton. Examined mines in Derbyshire for 2nd edition of North Derbyshire Memoir.
Began 6 inch survey of south part of Isle of Wight.
1887 Continued work into Purbeck.
1891 Began re-survey of South Wales Coalfield, continued till completion, Memoir with W. Pollard.(Isle of Man (1892) and Cumberland Coalfield (1894)).
1894 Wollaston Fund.
1896 Geologist.
1901 District Geologist.
1903 Elected F.R.S.
1904 President Section C, British Association at Cambridge.
1905 Reported on Coalfields of Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales for the Royal Commission on Coal Supplies, also made a report to Royal Commission on Arsenic Poisoning.
1909 Promoted to Assistant to Director.
British Association meeting at Winnipeg.
1910 Attended International Geological Congress at Stockholm.
1913 Contributed British section to Canadian volumes on the “World’s Coal Resources” at International Congress at Toronto. Vice-President at Congress.
Received Honorary LL.D. from Toronto University.
1912 – 1914 President of Geological Society.
1914 Appointed Director of Geological Survey.
1919 Made K.B.E. Received Wollaston Medal.
1920 Retired.
1928 Died March 4th at Goring, Berkshire.


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