Ben Lightfoot M.C., M.A., F.G.S.


1888 Born January 30th at Bingley, son of J. Lightfoot of Boston Spa. Educated at Bradford Grammar School and Peterhouse, Cambridge. Harkness Prize for Geology (1909).
1909 Joined Geological Survey. Contributed to Tertiary Mull Memoir (1924); Central Coalfield Area IV (1923).
1912 Resigned. Appointed Assistant Geologist, Geological Survey of Southern Rhodesia.
1914 Sorby Research Fellowship from Royal Society.
1914 – 1918 Military Service (M.C.)
1919 – 1920 Mining geologist to Perrin and Marshall in Hyderabad.
1921 Rejoined Geological Survey of Southern Rhodesia.
1928 Lyell Fund from Geological Survey.
1939 President, Geological Society of South Africa.
1942 Draper Medal.
1946 Retired to Maidenhead then Hampshire.
1966 Died 18th November.

Biographies and Obituaries

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