Charles Edward Fox-Strangways F.G.S.


1844 Born February 13th at Reive near Exeter. Son of Rev. Henry Fox-Strangways. Educated at Eton and University of Gottingen.
1867 Appointed Assistant Geologist of the Geological Survey.
1867 Fieldwork in West Yorkshire near Todmorden, and near Ingleton. Yorkshire Coalfield – Harrogate – across Vale of York to East Yorkshire. (For memoirs see Geological Magazine 1910, p. 237).
1889 Transferred to Midland Counties. Lived in Leicester till retirement. Memoir on Leicestershire Coalfield.
1892 General memoir on Jurassic rocks of Yorkshire.
1901 Promoted to District Geologist.
Had important share in compiling “Bibliography of Yorkshire Geology”. Published by the Yorkshire Geological Society 1915.
1910 Died March 5th.


1910 List of Memoirs and papers: Geological Magazine (1910) p. 237-8.

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