Charles Eugene De Rance Assoc. M.Inst., C.E., F.G.S.


1847 Born November 22nd. Son of Colonel De Rance of the French National Guard, exiled from France 1848. Mother also French. Educated at King’s College School, London. Trained in engineering office of R.W. Mylune, F.R.S.
1868 Joined Geological Survey.
Field work mainly in Lancs. Cheshire and Flint
1898 Resigned from Survey but continued in private practice as consulting mining and water engineer at Blackpool.
1906 Died May 9th.
For many years Secretary of British Association Committees on circulation of underground water and on coast erosion.


1869 Memoir: "Liverpool and Southport" (1869).
1872 Memoir: "Southport, Lytham and South Shore (1872).
1875 Memoirs: "Blackpool, Poulton and Fleetwood" (1875).
1877 Memoirs: "Superficial geology of country adjoining coasts of south-west Lancashire" (1877).
1890 Contributed to Memoir: "Flint" (1890)
1875 Contributed to Memoir: "Mallerstang" (1875)
1875 Contributed to Memoir: "Burnley Coalfield" (1875).
Book: "Water supply of England and Wales".
Papers: On Gault of Folkestone.
Cretaceous of south-west England.
Glaciation of south-west England.
Cave deposits.

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