Charles Thomas Clough M.A., LL.D., F.G.S., F.R.S.E.


1852 Born December 23rd.Educated at Rugby and St. John's College, Cambridge (entered 1871).
1872 – 1874 Awarded exhibition in Natural Science. 1st class B.A. in Natural Science. M.A. in 1878.
1875 Joined Survey as Assistant Geologist. Worked under H.H. Howell in the North of England, beginning at Teesdale. 1st paper – Quarterly Journal (1876) “Section at High Force, Teesdale” 8 years in Northumberland and Durham.
Survey Memoirs: “Otterburn and Elsdon” (1887).
“English side of Cheviot Hills” (1888).
“Plashetts and Kielder” (1889).
1884 Completion of 1 inch Map of England and Wales. Clough, Gunn, Barron and Hugh Miller transferred to Scotland. Clough engaged in surveying Cowal district, also took part in survey of North-west Highlands.
Mapped large district in Sutherlandshire north of Loch Glencoul to Loch Inchard; and area round Loch Maree. (Description in North-west Highlands Memoir.) Then worked in Glenelg, north-east part of Skye and Soay.
1896 Promoted to Geologist.
1900 Transferred to Strathcarron, East Ross-shire.
1902 Became District Geologist on the death of Gunn. Continued for a time in Ross-shire and subsequently took charge of work in North Argyllshire and Mull.
Also employed on revision of coalfields – Haddington, Lothians, Bo’ness. Then Lanarkshire coalfield, South-east of Glasgow and finally North Ayrshire coalfield.
1906 Murchison Medal.
1908 – 1910 President of Geological Society Edinburgh.
1916 Hon. Degree of LL.D. conferred by St. Andrews University.
Died August 27th. (Railway accident.)


1910 Results of field work mostly in Survey Memoir and Map "Edinburgh" (1910),
1897 Results of field work mostly in Survey Memoir and Map "Cowal" (1897).
1912 Memoir: "Ben Wyvis" (1912).
Memoir: Economic Geology of Central Coalfield of Scotland, part V.
Memoir: Economic Geology of Central Coalfield of Scotland, part II
1910 Memoir: "Glenelg" (1910.
1924 Memoir: "Mull" (1924).
1911 Memoir: "Glasgow" (1911).
Memoir: Economic Geology of Central Coalfield of Scotland, parts VII.
1916 Memoir: "Ben Nevis" (1916).
1923 Memoir: "Moor of Rannoch" (1923).
1904 Memoir: "West Central Skye" (1904).
1913 Memoir: "Fannich Mountains" (1913).
1911 Memoir: "Colonsay" (1911).
1911 Memoir: " "Knapdale" (1911)
1904 Memoir: "Tertiary igneous rocks of Skye" (1904).
1907 Memoir: North West Highlands (1907).
1910 Memoir: "East Lothian, 2nd edition (1910).
1916 Memoir: Special Report V, Potash and Feldspar (1916).
1905 Memoir: "Mid-Argyll" (1905).
1891 Memoir: "Mallestang" (1891)
1895 Memoir: "Wooler and Coldstream" (1895).

Biographies and Obituaries

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