Charles Tookey F.I.C., F.C.S.


1828 Born May 13th at Oddingley Rectory, Worcestershire. Educated at Bromsgrove School.
1851 Student at Royal College of Chemistry.
1852 Assistant at Royal College of Chemistry.
1854 – 1855 Assistant to Dr. Stenhouse at Barts.
1856 – 1865 Assistant to Dr. Percy at Royal School of Mines.
Analysed South Staffordshire iron ores for part II of “Iron Ores of Great Britain” 1858
1865 – 1868 Appointed Assayer in H.M. Mint at Hong Kong.
1870 – 1877 Assayer, Chemist, Superintendent of refinery and Temporary Director at the Japanese Imperial Mint at Osaka.
1874 – 1878 Chemist on the Admiralty Boiler Committee.
1906 Died January 3rd.
Not in staff Register


1862 On the separation of tin from antimony, and on the analysis of alloys containing lead, tin, antimony and Copper" (1862);
1870 On the manipulation of assays of gold and silver bullion" (1870).

Biographies and Obituaries

1906 Obituary - Charles Tookey, F.I.C., F.C.S. Born 13th May 1828, died 3rd January 1906. Geologists Magazine. New Series. v. 3 p.95. 1906