Clement Le Neve Foster Sir, D.Sc., F.R.S.


1841 Born March 23rd at Camberwell. Received early education at Boulogne and Amiens. Entered Royal School of Mines, then Mining College of Freiberg, D.Sc. at London University.
1860 Appointed Assistant geologist on Geological Survey. Worked in Wealden area, and Carboniferous of Derbyshire.
1865 Paper with Topley to Geological Society “On the Superficial Deposits of the Valley of the Medway”, with remarks on the “Denudation of the Weald”.
Part-author of “Geology of North Derbyshire”(M.G.S.) 1869, with Green and Dakyns.
Retired from Geological Survey.
Specialised in mineralogy and mining.
Lectured in Cornwall. Visited important mineral districts abroad.
Papers to the Geological Society on Celestine in Egypt (with H. Bauerman), the Caratal Goldfield in Venezuela.
1872 Appointed Inspector of Mines under the Home Office. Served for 8 years in south-west England. Results in papers to Geological Society and Cornish Societies. Results of work in Annual Reports of Mines and Quarries issued by Home Office.
1880 Given charge of North Wales.
1890 Appointed Professor of Mining at Royal College of Science on death of Sir Warington Smyth. “Ore and stone mining”; “The elements of mining and quarrying”. Became member of Royal Commission on Coal Supplies.
1892 – 1893 Elected F.R.S.
1901 Retired from Home Office.
1903 Knighted.
1904 Died April 19th.

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