Edward Forbes


1815 Born February 12th at Douglas, Isle of Man. School – Athole House Academy.
1831 Sent to London to train as artist but after 4 months went to Edinburgh University to study medicine. (Natural History under Jameson).
1834 Voyage to Norway.
1835 Toured France, Switzerland and Germany.
1836 Finally abandoned medicine for Natural History, without taking degree.
1838 Published “Malacologic Monensis” (Catalogue of Manx mollusca). Paper to British Association “On distribution of Terrestrial Pulmonifera in Europe”.
1839 Admitted to Wernerian Society. Read memoir on Starfishes of the Irish Sea. (Memoir Wernerian Society VIII).
1840 Papers to British Association “Pleistocene tract in the Isle of Man” etc.
1841 Mediterranean voyage with Captain Graves.
1842 Red Sea Expedition – abandoned for Chair of Botany at King’s College
1843 Elected Curator of Geological Society. Paper to Linnaean Society on Ofhiuridae of Aegean Sea.
1844 Government grant of £500 to assist publication of Aegean researches. Offered Fullerian Professorship.
1844 Joined Geological Survey.
Resigned Geological Society Curatorship.
Worked with De la Beche, Ramsay and Warington-Smyth in Breconshire.
Elected F.G.S. Lectured at Royal Institute, continued lecturing at King’s.
1845 Dredging in Shetland. Joined De la Beche in Wexford. Illness.
1846 Resumed lectures. Dredging between Southampton and Land’s End. Survey work in Wales – Bala. Published “Travels in Lycia”.
1847 Work in Ireland, London, Wales, etc.
1848 Arranging of exhibits in new Jermyn Street Museum. Papers to British Association.
1850 Lectures, new Museum work, etc. Cruise among Western Isles.
1844 Visited Isle of Wight with Lyell, Ramsay and Bristow. Museum opened May 12th. School of Mines opened November.
Forbes became Lecturer in Natural History (retained professorship at King’s).
Visited Paris and Isle of Man.
Survey duty in Ireland. 3rd volume of British Mollusca completed.
1853 Visited the Auvergne district.
1854 Natural History Professor at Edinburgh in succession to Jameson. Resigned Geological Survey; King’s and President of Geological Society. Left London in May but returned in August to finish off survey work. In September President of Geological Section of British Association at Liverpool.
1854 Died in December.


List of works in Appendix to Memoir:
1849 List of works in Appendix to Memoir: Memoirs Dec. No. 1 Echinoderms (1849)
1849 List of works in Appendix to Memoir: No. 2 Trilobites (1849) with J.W. Salter.
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1856 List of works in Appendix to Memoir: No. 5. Echinodermata (1856) with S.P. Woodward and J.W. Salter.
Essays in volumes I and II part 2.
1856 Isle of Wight, Tertiary, Fluvio-Marine Formation of. (1856).
Memoir. G. Wilson and A. Geikie.

Biographies and Obituaries

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