Edwin Tulley Newton


1840 Born May 4th at Islington.
1865 Became assistant to Huxley at Jermyn Street (Previously attended his lectures at Royal School of Mines.
1875 Published first paper on structure of bituminous coals.
1882 Appointed Palaeontologist with George Sharman after transfer of Etheridge to British Museum. Chief interest in fossil vertebrates.
1893 Elected F.R.S. Lyell Medal from Geological Society.
1905 Retired.
1921 – 1928 President of the Palaeontographical Society.
1930 Died January 28th.


Memoirs: "The Chimaeroid Fishes of British Cretaceous Rocks" (1878); "The Vertebrata of the Forest-Bed Series of Norfolk and Suffolk! (1882); "The Vertebrata of the Pliocene Deposits of Britain" (1891) and papers to the Geological Society (one on human skull from Galley Hill 1895).
Memoirs published in Philosophical Transactions Royal Society:
1887 Description of pterodactyl brain (based on specimen from Whitley Upper Lias) (1887).
1893 –1894 Description of series of reptiles from Permo-Trias sandstones of Elgin. (1893-4).

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