Frederick McCoy K.C.M.G., M.A., D.Sc.(Cantab), F.R.S., F.G.S..


1823 Born in Dublin, son of Dr. Simon McCoy M.D.
Educated for medical profession in Dublin and Cambridge but took up study of Natural Science.
Accepted Sir Richard Griffith’s offer to do palaeontology for Geological Map of Ireland for the Boundary Survey.
Results in volume published 1844 “Synopsis of Carboniferous Limestone Fossils of Ireland” and 1846 “Synopsis of Silurian Fossils of Ireland”.
1845 Invited by Sir Henry James and De la Beche to join Survey of Ireland. Joined May 24th.
1846 – 1850 Undertook with Sedgwick work on Palaeozoic rocks and fossils (Woodwardian Museum), (“British Palaeozoic Rocks and Fossils” published with Sedgwick 1852).
1850 Appointed by Sir Robert Peel’s Government to Chair of Geology and Mineralogy at Queen’s University (Northern College), Belfast.
1852 British Palaeozoic rocks & fossils. Sedgwick and McCoy.
1854 Appointed first Professor of Natural Science in Melbourne University (post held for more than 30 years).
Established National Museum of Natural History and Geology in Melbourne. Member of various Royal Commissions – on Goldfields of Victoria; on Technical Instruction; on Education; International and Intercolonial Exhibitions. Appointed Government Palaeontologist. “Prodomus of the Zoology of Victoria” and “Prodomus of the Palaeontology of Victoria” product of 30 years work.
1886 Elected F.R.S.
1886 Made C.M.G.
1891 K.C.M.G.
Received many honours and distinctions, British and Foreign (Geological Magazine (1899) p. 285).
1895 Died May 16th at Melbourne.


1899 Additional writings: Geological magazine (1899) pp. 285-287.

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