William Rudler William I.S.O., F.G.S.


1840 Born July.
Student at Regent Street Polytechnic. Awarded two gold medals (highest award) in one year.
1861 Appointed Assistant Curator in Jermyn Street Museum.
1875 Elected F.G.S.
1876 Appointed Lecturer in Natural Sciences at University College, Aberystwyth. Established College Museum.
1879 Recalled to Jermyn Street on death of Trenham Reeks.
Became Registrar of Royal School of Mines, and Curator and Librarian of Museum. Held former post till removal to South Kensington; and latter till retirement.
1887 President Geologists Association, Address: “50 years progress of practical geology”.
1888 Hon. Treasurer to International Geological Congress in London.
1902 Retired from Survey. Received I.S.O.
1903 Lyell Medal.
1915 Died January 23rd.


Prepared: Many papers and articles in scientific journals, widely known as lecturer (eg. University extension courses)
1905 Prepared: "Handbook to collection of minerals of the British Islands (1905)
Prepared: "Catalogue of pottery and porcelain"
Prepared: "Guide to the Museum of Practical Geology"

Biographies and Obituaries

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