George Henry Kinahan M.R.I.A.


1829 Born December 19th, Son of Daniel Kinahan M.A., Barrister-at-Law. Educated at Trinity College, Dublin.
1853 Engineering Diploma.
Appointed to staff employed on Boyne Viaduct (Drogheda).
1854 Appointed to Geological Survey (Irish Branch).
1861 Senior Geologist.
1869 District Surveyor.
1890 Retired.
1908 Died December 5th at Fairview, Dublin.


Survey work extended to almost every county in Ireland. Name appears on 26 Memoirs. Voluminous writer.
Papers to: Proceedings Royal Dublin Society; Journal Geological Society Dublin (1859-89) (Presidential Addresses 1880, 1881); Royal Irish Academy; Kilkenny and South-east Ireland Archaeological Society; Royal History and Archaeological Association of Ireland; Geological Society of Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow; Institute of Civil Engineers, Ireland; North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers; British Association ("Raised beaches of the Liffey Valley" 1908); Irish Naturalist; Geological Magazine (85 papers from 1864-88).
Separate publications:
1878 Manual of the Geology of Ireland" (1878)
1875 Valleys and their relation to fissures, fractures and faults" (1875)
1873 Handy book of rock names" (1873)
Handy book on reclamation of waste lands in Ireland
1908 Superficial and agricultural geology, Ireland" (1908).

Biographies and Obituaries

1909 Obituary - George Henry Kinahan, M.R.I.A. Born 19th December 1829, died 5th December 1908. Geologists Magazine. New Series. v. 6 p.142-143. 1909