Henry Hyett Howell


1834 Born July 13th at Prinknash Park, Gloucester. Son of T.J. Howell, Judge Advocate at Gibraltar. Educated at the College School, Gloucester and King’s College, London. Took “Applied Science”, including geology, under D.T. Ansted.
1850 Joined Geological Survey as Assistant Geologist.
Worked in the Midlands, also North Gloucester, contributed to Memoir on Geology around Cheltenham (1851).
1855 Transferred to Scotland. Worked in Berwick, Haddington, and Edinburgh. Mapped Mid and East Lothian and Fife Coalfields.
1857 Promoted to Geologist.
1859 Memoir “Warwickshire Coalfield”.
1860 Memoir “Part of Leicestershire” (with Aveline).
1861 Memoir “Neighbourhood of Edinburgh” (with Geikie).
Transferred to England. Mapped Jurassic rocks in Northants, Bedford and Huntingdon (1inch).
1866 Memoir “East Lothian” (with Geikie and Young).
Also 6inch maps of Edinburgh and Haddington Coalfields.
Began survey of Northumberland and Durham Coalfield.
1867 Took over superintendence of work in north-east Counties.
1869 Gave evidence on Northumberland and Durham Coalfield before Royal Commissioners.
1872 Made District Surveyor.
1882 Made Director for Scotland.
1888 Made Director for Britain. Mapping of the Isle of Man commenced.
1899 Retired.
1915 Died.

Biographies and Obituaries

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