Henry William Bristow


1817 Born May 17th. Son of Maj. Gen. H. Bristow.
Educated at King’s College, London. (Civil Engineering and Applied Science).
1842 Joined Survey: (1847 Geologist; 1867 Dist. Surveyor; 1872 Director).
1842 Worked in Radnor district on ORS and Sil:, then on Jurassic of Somerset and Gloucester Later: Dorset, Wilts, Hants, I.W., Berks., Sussex, Weald and E. Essex.
Memoirs: Isle of Wight (1862). “Berks and Hants” (1862 with Whitaker.) Contrib. Notes to “London Basin”, “Weald”, and “E. Somerset”.
Mapped and named “Penarth Beds” in Glam., Glas., and Somerset (see Geol. Mag. 1864 p. 238).
1861 “Glossary of Mineralogy” Published.
1862 Elected F.R.S.
1869 Translation of L. Simonin’s “La Vie Souterraine” - “Underground Life: or Mines and Miners.”
1872 Translation of Louis Figuier’s “World before the Deluge: and new chapter on the Rhaetic or Penarth Beds.
Appointed Director of Survey, England and Wales. During Directorship 1" Survey completed.
1888 Retired.
1889 Died June 14th.
Foreign Honours: Diploma from Imp. Geol. Instit. Of Vienna, Diploma and Insignia of an officer of Order of SS. Maurice and Lazarus (Italy).


1889 List of Publications: Geol. Mag. 1889 p. 384.

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