Herbert Kynaston B.A.


1868 Born July 19th at Durham. Educated at Eton and King’s College, Cambridge.
1891 Awarded Worts Travelling Fund. Studied Cretaceous Gosau beds of Austria (Quarterly Journal Geological Society (1895)).
1892 Appointed Assistant Geologist on Geological Survey of Scotland.
1901 Promoted to Geologist. Worked in Argyllshire (memoirs and maps).
1903 Resigned from the Survey. Became Director of Transvaal Geological Survey. Later on formation of Union of South Africa, became Director of newly constituted Geological Survey under the Department of Mines.
1908 President Geological Society of South Africa.
1915 Died June 28th.


1916 Contributed to Memoir: "Ben Nevis" (1916).
1905 Contributed to Memoir: "Mid-Argyll" (1905)
1908 Contributed to Memoir: "Oban" (1908)
1913 Contributed to Memoir: "Upper Strathspey" (1913)
1909 Contributed to Memoir: "Seaboard of Mid-Argyll" (1909)

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