Hugh Miller F.R.S.E., F.G.S.


1850 Born July 15th, son of the distinguished Hugh Miller.
1874 Joined the Survey. Worked first among the Carboniferous rocks and glacial drifts of Northumberland. Then transferred to Scotland and worked at Old Red Sandstone around Cromarty. Also mapped portions of the Ancient schists, Old Red Sandstone and drifts of East Sutherlandshire.
1889 Promoted to Geologist.
1896 Died January 8th.


1887 Otterburn and Elsdon" (1887)
1889 Memoir: "Plashetts and Kielder" (1889) notes on Cumberland portion.
1884 Author of "Landscape Geology" and papers on river action and Glacial phenomena. Most important papers: "Tynedale Escarpment *1880); "River terracing" (1884); "Boulder glaciation" (1884)

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