James Ward


1843 Born.
1861 Entered Royal School of Mines as a student.
1864 Gained Edward Forbes Medal.
1865 Joined Geological Survey. Sent to Yorkshire, worked on Millstone Grit and Lower Coal Measures (paper to Geological Society 1869).
1869 Transferred to Keswick. Memoir: “Lake District” (1876); Papers: “Lake basins of Cumberland” (Q.J. 1874); “Glaciation of south part of Lake District (Q.J. 1875).
1875 – 1876 Engaged in microscopical examination of Lake District rocks. Papers: “Granitic, granitoid and metamorphic rocks of the Lake District” (Q.J. 1875,1876); “Comparative microscopic rock structure of Ancient and Modern volcanic rocks” (Q.J. 1875). Founded the Cumberland Association for Advancement of Lit. and Sci.
1877 Left Lake District for Lower Carboniferous of Bewcastle.
1878 Entered the Church. Licensed to curacy of St. John’s, Keswick.
1880 Appointed to Vicarage of Rydal.
1880 Died.


Memoirs: "Lake District , north part of" (1876); "Leeds and Tadcaster" (1870) with Aveline, Green, Dakyns, Russell.; "Dewsbury" (1871) with Green, Dakyns, Russell.; "Appleby" (1897) (petrological notes); "Yorkshire Coalfield" (1869) with Green and Dakyn.; "Burnley Coalfield" (1875) with Hull, Dakyns etc.

Biographies and Obituaries

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