London Earth

London Earth data
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Coverage Greater London and surrounding area
Format Database tables.

Available on request.

Data for Cu, Ca, Fe, Pb and Ni can be viewed for free through London Earth soil geochemistry viewer.


London Earth soil geochemical maps and interpretations for:

The resource includes data from the London Earth geochemical survey of Greater London and the surrounding areas. As part of the London Earth project, 6600 soil samples, typically taken from open ground such as parks, playing fields, gardens and roadside verges, were collected across Greater London during 2008 and 2009. The samples were then analysed for concentrations of over 50 different chemical elements, including potentially harmful elements such as arsenic, lead and nickel. The data provide unique information on soil chemistry in the urban environment, which will be of direct relevance to land-use planning and development, urban regeneration and contaminated-land assessment.

The London Earth data are a subset of the results of the G-BASE survey. Through this survey, the BGS provides national capability in quantifying the geochemical variation of the shallow subsurface, including the soils beneath our cities. Comparison of the soil data from London with those from adjacent rural areas will allow identification of impacts on the environment brought about by urbanisation and industrial activities.

The London Earth soil geochemistry viewer displays interactive geochemical maps for five of these elements (Cu, Ca, Fe, Pb and Ni).

Data from the surveying campaign is available to licence.


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Hutton field: well correlation diagram.