BGS GeoScour Premium

BGS GeoScour Premium coverage
Scale Tier 1: 1:625 000
Tier 2: 1:250 000
Tier 3: 1:50 000
Coverage Great Britain
Format GIS polygon data (ESRI, MapInfo and others available by request)
Price TBC

The BGS GeoScour datasets provide a generalised overview of the natural characteristics and properties of catchment and riverine environments for the assessment of river scour in Great Britain.

The GeoScour dataset comprises three different tiers of geographical information system (GIS) data containing eleven different data layers. Each tier represents a different scale of assessment from a high-level catchment through sub-catchment data to detailed river-reach data. The datasets are polygon (area) layers and river lines, which are described using straightforward classifications and enabling a scour susceptibility assessment.

The Premium licensed dataset contains all the datasets in GeoScour Open plus five additional, detailed layers at the tier 3 (riverine; 1:50 000) level:

  • River morphology
  • River geological susceptibility:
    • River average geological susceptibility
    • River best geological susceptibility
    • River worst geological susceptibility

The river geological susceptibility layers have been provided as best-case, worst-case and average parameters to convey the variation and heterogeneous behaviour of geological deposits and to allow the user to consider both end members for scour potential according to their needs.

The river geological susceptibility data layers identify the primary geological properties influencing scour potential including material density, strength (in line with technical engineering terminology BS5930:2015) and mineralogy.

The river morphology data layer contains information on the key morphological characteristics of the catchment at the riverine level. These include the flood accommodation space available per river reach, the vertical fall of the river per reach and also the sinuosity factor.


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Hutton field: well correlation diagram.