Research impact

World class researchers at BGS apply their knowledge and expertise to investigate solutions to real world global challenges. The discoveries we make, working alongside UK and international partners and stakeholders in academia, government, NGOs and industry, improve the lives and livelihoods of people globally.

Impact stemming from BGS research has already enhanced quality of life, created jobs, protected the environment and benefited the economy, and we continue to tackle existing and emerging issues to benefit society.

Examples from the 2013 Research Excellence Framework (REF)

3D geological models: informing planning and sustainable management of the urban subsurface3D geological models: planning and sustainable management of the subsurface

3D models produced by BGS have directly led to new groundwater abstractions and flood management schemes, and are critical in decision-making for regulating radioactive waste disposal and shale gas exploration.

Depleted uranium contaminationDepleted uranium contamination: its mobility in the environment and impacts on health

NERC isotope geoscience facilities developed a new method for the detection of depleted uranium (DU) munitions pollution, and applied this to Gulf War veterans and munitions factory workers.

Digital geoscience information products: subsidence and radon risksDigital geoscience information products: subsidence and radon risks

The digital geological map of Great Britain (BGS Geology) is used widely by consultants, businesses and public sector bodies for diverse purposes ranging from mineral resource assessment to the assessment of ground conditions.

Environmental Management and Natural Resource Exploration in Northern IrelandEnvironmental management and natural resource exploration in Northern Ireland

The Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (GSNI) has provided geoscience advice to the Northern Ireland Government since 1947. GSNI promotes investment in the exploration for minerals and energy resources, and manages and monitors groundwater resources in the Province on behalf of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

GeomagnetismGeomagnetism: its applications in hydrocarbons production and space weather hazard

The geomagnetism team produce commercially successful continual sub-surface navigation services, and space weather hazard monitoring, analysis and modelling services.

Groundwater: environmental change impacts on availability, quality and flood riskGroundwater: environmental change effects on availability, quality and flood risk

BGS groundwater research contributes to the understanding of groundwater systems around the world and the effects of short- and long-term environmental change on groundwater availability and quality and flood risk, and has improved access to groundwater in developing countries.

MSc students from Imperial College, London, on a core-logging course in the NGRThe UK National Geological Repository and natural resources

The National Geological Repository's (NGR) collections underpin exploration for and management of natural resources, supporting critical investment decisions, facilitating the development and growth of existing and new businesses, and informing subsurface risk and site investigation evaluations.