Services for construction, consultants and conveyancing

All our index information is freely available through this website via our Geoscience data index and the resulting logs and reports (where non-confidential) can be order at nominal cost through our borehole ordering system.

We also offer a range of semi automated geological assessment reports, which range in price dependent on the level of detailed interpretation provided by the regional geologist. Our GeoReports pages show the full range and prices of these reports, where you can also order the reports and view free samples. The report range includes a ground stability (BGS GeoSure) report, a vital assessment in any site characterisation, amongst other specialist reports which are designed to be user friendly for the non-specialist and require no interpretation.

We have, in collaboration, developed a methodology using borehole logs, geology maps and expert interpretation skills to create 3D models of the shallow subsurface. This is an excellent tool in itself for visualising the sub-surface of a site and can be enhanced by our team for specific applications. For example engineering properties can be added to aid assessment of your site before construction begins. Another application of these models is to characterise the behaviour of water flow through the geology and hence improve your drainage and flooding assessment.

If you want any further information about anything you have seen on our website, to talk to us about work we may be able to do for you or to clarify anything you are unsure about please contact our enquiries team who will be happy to help you.

Services for construction

We provide a full range of services for those in the construction industry from stone matching for restoration projects, borehole logs for site characterisation and fully attributed 3D models for a complete geological picture of your site with no need for expert interpretation.

For more detailed information or if you have more specific requirements we have teams of experts across the geological disciplines from engineers, to geophysists to geochemists who can be commissioned to create a report or model to meet your project needs. See also our research pages

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Services for Consultants, Site Investigation and Engineers

We have a full range of services for those involved in engineering, consultancy and site investigation and believe we should be your first port of call when starting any desk study.

BGS has a team of experts who can be commissioned to work either on a 3D model or paper report or map or geographical information system based output into any geological or sub-surface issue you may have. We can investigate ground conditions, geotechnical properties, analyse soil chemistry, or model groundwater processes to list just a few of our recent project topics. BGS operates as a not for profit organisation and charges are based on covering our staff time and other costs incurred.

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Services for Conveyancing

We have a range of reports to inform your home buying process. Please follow this link to our GeoReports section where you will find reports on geological assessment, ground stability (subsidence), and radon.

Authoritive information from BGS is included in many of the environmental reports you may choose as part of your conveyancing process, look out for our logo on these reports.

Our enquiries service are here to help, please contact them for any queries you have about our reports.

If you are a supplier of conveyancing reports please see our webpage for resellers to find out how you can include our data in your reports.

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