Services for Data Providers and Value Added Resellers

MapWe supply our mapping and national digital products to a range of data providers and resellers who supply it on in user-friendly formats making it accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

Our data is used in many environmental reports for the conveyancing sector, engineering and construction consultants, and for insurance purposes. It is also adapted by one of resellers into pdf format so that you can purchase a geology or ground stability map for exactly your area of interest.

Datasets include geology, flooding, ground stability (subsidence information), and our joint radon report with the PHE (Public Health England). If you are interested in including our data in your reports see Digital products for our full list of national datasets, more detail on them and a list of data in progress. For further further information on how to obtain the data and pricing arrangements for resellers please contact enquiries and ask to speak to Mike Ackroyd.

For individual users we have a full range of our own reports, GeoReports as well as supplying our data through most of the major environmental reports.