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The BGS can help business save time and money through the provision of enquiry services, data licensing and bespoke consultancy.

Construction, consultants and conveyancing
Consultancy or site investigation reports, stone matching and borehole information. Site visualisation using 3D models. Assess ground conditions, geotechnical properties, analyse soil chemistry, or model groundwater processes. Homebuying reports —geological assessment, ground stability
and radon protection.
Data providers and value added resellers
Geology, ground stability and flooding data.
Environmental reports for consultants and conveyancy.
Insurers and financial companies
Geology, ground stability and flooding data.
Marine and Coastal
Sea bed data sets
Bathymetry index data sets for those working in hydrocarbons, marine aggregates, offshore habitat studies, coastal research and land use planning.
Minerals industry
Digital data for minerals planning — mines and quarries, commodity statistics, minerals exploration and environmental issues.
© iStockphotoOil and gas companies
Oil exploration, recovery, research and consultancy.
UK and international.
© Unlisted Images, Inc.Power and energy companies
Site assessments — wind farms, power stations and pipelines.
Expertise in CO2 capture and storage.
Ground source heat pump site investigations
Rail,road and pipeline operators
GIS data sets for project specific areas.
Consultancy — natural hazard and subsidence, erosion of infrastructure.
Ground assessment and monitoring.
Tourism and education
Geodiversity and tourism projects to raise awareness of the importance of geology to our everyday lives.
Water companies
Site specific reports on water borehole prognosis or geological assessment.
Licensed national groundwater data. Hydrogeologists, hydrochemists, groundwater modellers, geophysists and engineers —expert services.

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