Services for the Minerals Industry

BGS provides sound and impartial advice to support minerals decision making and acts as a key national information centre in this area. MineralsUK is the BGS website dedicated to our work with minerals. It is an excellent resource for anyone connected with minerals from those involved in the planning regime, through mineral extractors, to NGO’s managing environmentally important sites and not forgetting educators in geology and economics.

The site acts as a key information resource in itself and also points you to the right people in BGS to work with you on any mineral related issues. We have a team of experts across a broad range of mineral matters from aggregate planning, statisticians to metallic mineral expertise, who work across the UK and the globe.

The mineralsUK site gives you access to lots of information freely available to download, and a Minerals resource GIS (geographical information system) which is free to view and can be licensed for an annual fee for inclusion in your GIS system. See MineralsUK/GIS or BGS Digital products.

This pre-prepared information is just the beginning of our work with the minerals industry; we are commissioned to carry out bespoke projects for a range of stakeholders. These projects range from strategic resource evaluation for local and national governments to innovative approaches to quarry restoration visualisation and environmental impact assessment.

Key topics on the MineralsUK website include;

  • Planning
  • Digital maps
  • Mine and quarry
  • Commodity statistics
  • Exploration
  • Environment