Services for oil and gas companies

Oil rigWe have a long-standing and trusted relationship with most of the major oil companies and national government. Our impartial remit allows us to play an important strategic role in the oil and gas industries both in the UK and overseas.

We work with several consortia of oil companies to further research into exploration and recovery. We also manage national data archives for the oil and gas industries and have huge amounts of data and expertise in UK waters.

Public domain sources of data for UK hydrocarbon exploration and production


Screenshot of the GeoIndex

The BGS GeoIndex is a map-based index of BGS data holdings both onshore and offshore.

The offshore information  includes locations of sea bed samples, shallow offshore boreholes, regional airborne magnetic surveys, and seismic survey lines. The onshore data includes the locations of onshore hydrocarbon wells and an index to geophysical logs and drillcore held by the BGS. More about GeoIndex.


BGS Lexicon

The BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units database provides BGS definitions of terms that appear on our maps and in our publications.

Borehole materials

BGS Borehole Materials Database

The BGS Borehole Materials Database is data about core and sample material held by BGS, including onshore well material. Information about microscope slide collections associated with the cores and sample materials held will also be made available digitally soon.


National Hydrocarbons Data Archive

The National Hydrocarbons Data Archive NHDA (hosted by BGS) is information about the NHDA, a web interface allowing access to the NHDA data will be available in the coming months.


Common Data Access (CDA) Data Store

The Common Data Access (CDA) Data Store is available to CDA members. CDA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oil and gas UK and is the petroleum industry’s focal point for data management and works very closely with DECC on regulatory matters. The CDA data store forms a key component of the UK’s National Data Repository.


DEAL website

The DEAL website is an online gateway to information on the UK offshore oil and gas industry. Registered users can browse and search the database. Companies or individuals who are Subscribers can also download data.

Onshore Geophysical Library

UK Onshore Geophysical Library

The UK Onshore Geophysical Library provides an interactive map interface for locating seismic lines. Licence fee payable by commercial users.


DECC website

The Oil and Gas Authority website resources are an index to data available, including the following particularly useful links:

UK Data release agents

UK  Data release agents

The UK Data release agents are a list of UK release agents provided on the DECC website.


PESGB logo

An online database developed by the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) and the Centre for Research into Earth Energy Systems (CeREES) at Durham University, providing lists and contacts details for petroleum geoscience research taking place in academic institutions globally.