Services for Power and Energy Companies

Wind farm
We provide a wide range of services for people working in the Power and Energy supply industries; from geological site assessments for all types of installations (eg. wind farms, power stations and pipelines), to expertise in CO2 sequestration.

We have teams of experts across the geological disciplines from engineers, to geophysicists and geochemists who can be commissioned to create a report or model to meet your project needs. We also offer a range of semi automated geological assessment reports, which range in price dependent on the level of detailed interpretation provided by the regional geologist. Our GeoReports pages show the full range and prices of these reports, where you can also order the reports and view free samples. The report range includes Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) reports to provide prognoses of GSHP installation with either basic or detailed site information.

Additionally, we can provide advice and information for compiling Environmental Impact Assessments; as well as specialist advice for managing buried assets such as cabling and pipelines. In addition to our normal geo-hazard services we also offer specific hazard advice for earthquake risk (major installations) and magnetic-field variations (power transmission grids).

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