Services for Rail, Road and Pipeline Operators

BGS not only provides vital data and information for site and ground condition assessment prior to construction, it also provides vital information and expertise for monitoring ground conditions surrounding infrastructure to enable you to protect and manage your assets.

We have a range of data including borehole logs for input into your site assessment process which are available at a nominal charge to recover our administration costs. We also have a range of GeoReports which provide basic up to very detailed geological and hazard assessment of a site to save your time and give you the national geological information into your decision making process.

We also have national datasets see digital data products for inclusion in your own GIS (geographical information system) which are licensable by area and we can cut them to any shape to match your route. These datasets can also be used as the basis for more detailed projects with you and adapted to suit your needs.

We can also work with you on a consultancy basis to address specific issues you may have for example natural hazard and subsidence issues, erosion of infrastructure caused by geology, or geotechnical projects. See our Engineering geology for examples.