Services for Water Companies

WeirWe can provide you with access to our national archive of data, supply site specific reports on water borehole prognosis or geological assessment, license national groundwater data for inclusion in your own system or carry out a bespoke project or 3D model for your particular water related issue.

Please follow this link to our Site Specific Information sector for access to our GeoReports and Index information on our national holdings of water related information, including our National Groundwater well archive and borehole information.

To see more information and pricing about our national digital data and how to license it, go to our digital products section. Datasets that may be of particular interest to you are our BGS geology maps, Groundwater flooding map, permeability data set and our BGS geological indicators of flooding map.

As mentioned above we can be commissioned to look into any groundwater or geological issue and our multidisciplinary teams mean we can call on geologists, hydrogeologists, hydrochemists, groundwater modellers, geophysists and engineers to provide expertise at every level.

We have invested heavily in techniques and expertise in 3D and 4D modelling and can provide solutions in these formats which transfers to you a level of information and understanding that we were previously unable to give, and significantly reducing the need for expert interpretation.