Services for agencies and statutory bodies


We work closely with National Agencies such as the Environment Agency (EA), Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), Natural England and Scottish Natural Heritage to maximise resources and share information. We have a range of national datasets from geology to BGS geological indicators of flooding that can be licensed for your use or consulted by us for input into shared work.

We have a wealth of expertise across a broad range of geological disciplines from climate change; to water resource experts. Any of our experts can be brought in to assist with agency projects and programs of work or commissioned to carry out projects and reports for you. We can arrange this on a project by project basis or set up longer term contracts whereby you can call on BGS as and when you need us.

As examples, we work with the Environment Agency and SEPA on a number of hydrological and hydrogeological projects to help understand our groundwater systems and processes.

The Environment Agency has been one of our key partners in our move into 3D modelling of the ground beneath our feet and we tailor the way we attribute these detailed 3D models in order to better understand issues the EA are researching, for example groundwater flow modelling.

We also work with agencies such as Natural England on Mineral Planning issues.

Geodiversity (Geological diversity) projects have been undertaken with various agencies to protect our geological heritage and we have been an instrumental partner in the setting up of several GeoParks a UNESCO designation to recognise unique geology, promote tourism and educate.

We also work with agencies on environmental and educational projects to promote understanding of the need to use resources but importantly the need to do this in a sustainable manner. We are involved in a number of geological education projects (see for example, Blakeney Esker) which helps explain geology to the community. Our educational projects also look at human and climate impacts on geology and the effect this is having on our changing landscape.